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Uniting the best minds in human and veterinary care


Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Animal Health Partners to provide the highest quality of innovative, evidence-based, patient-centred care to companion animals.

Vision Statement:

Expand the horizons of veterinary medicine.

Animal Health partners 5 core values

1. Quality

We are committed to the highest quality of veterinary care.  This means that the diagnostic decisions we make and the treatments we provide are based on the best available scientific evidence and implemented by the most highly qualified veterinarians and staff.

2. Compassion

We understand that the experience of illness and injury can be painful and frightening for pets and their owners.  We strive to reduce discomfort as much as possible using gentle handling techniques, appropriate pain-management, stress-reducing design features, non-invasive interventions and a continuous emphasis on empathic patient-centered care.

3. Service

Intrinsic to our goal of providing the highest quality of medicine is providing efficient, courteous, attentive and responsive service to the owners and referring veterinarians that have entrusted us with the care of their pets and patients. 

4. Innovation

Medicine is rapidly evolving.  Our technologically advanced hospital is equipped to employ and pioneer the most cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment modalities available in veterinary medicine with the goal of improving the quality of care for all patients.

5. Partnership

High quality care and optimal patient outcomes rely not on any one individual but on the strength of the connections between many.  Ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients means creating solid partnerships with owners and referring veterinarians.  It also means establishing broad relationships with the community, as well as leaders in both veterinary and human health care.


Quality of Care

Providing access to the best human quality diagnostic and therapeutic platforms combined with leading clinician oversight and training, our veterinarians are equipped to exceed current quality of care standards and veterinary healthcare outcomes.

Integrated Healthcare

The pace of technological change and advancement in healthcare innovations require us to be intimately involved with solution providers.  Integration enables our veterinarians to lead the profession, while providing valuable healthcare insights to our partners for the future of better care for all.

Quality Service

Communication, comfort and care is our promise to our pet owners.  We are expected to be partners in the health and wellness of companion animals, the foundation of which is respect and openness.


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