Emergency Veterinary Hospital

Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Toronto

Our Emergency Room

The Animal Health Partners emergency department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including all holidays. We are prepared to receive cases from primary care veterinarians and other referral hospitals as well as directly from pet owners. Emergencies are welcome on a walk-in basis.  At this time the Animal Health Partners is equipped to see cats and dogs only.

Services Offered at our Clinic

  • Our staff includes experienced veterinarians along with a team of registered veterinary technicians and animal care attendants
  • Our emergency department is fully equipped and practices current, evidence-based veterinary medicine. Our staff is dedicated to providing quality medicine in partnership with your primary care veterinarian and in collaboration with our specialists
  • We are committed to minimizing the stress that can be associated with your emergency visit for both you and your pet

Emergency Veterinary Services in Toronto

Animal Health Partners provides emergency veterinary services in Toronto ON. Finding a reliable veterinary emergency clinic can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to leaving your pet’s care in someone else’s hands. We can assure you that every step of the way, your pet will be treated like our own pets.

We have dealt with many different pet emergencies. Some emergency pet care needs are common and some are rare, either way, we are fully equipped and trained to deal with any situation.

Why might you need an emergency veterinary service?

There can be many different reasons for seeking emergency pet care and it is important to know and understand these reasons. Some of the signs that you may need emergency pet care include:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Blood loss
  • Continuous vomiting
  • Ongoing diarrhea
  • Broken bones
  • Unconsciousness

Any of these symptoms can be serious for your pet and you should contact us immediately if you believe to have a pet emergency on your hands. You should never try to deal with the situation yourself unless it is necessary to apply basic pet first aid.

24 HR Emergency Veterinary Services Toronto Ontario

When you are searching for a 24 HR emergency veterinary service, you should also be seeking an animal hospital open on weekends. Here at Animal Health Partners, we provide a 24-hour service 7 days a week to make sure that your pet is covered at all times.

It is more common for a pet to need emergency care during “out of hours” times due to the work schedule of owners. Most pets are left at home for the day and an emergency wouldn’t necessarily arise during that period. Once the owners are home from work, pet emergencies become more frequent. Therefore, it is vital that you have an emergency vet open on weekends and 24 hours a day.

You might not believe that your pet could require emergency treatment, however, there are many different circumstances that could cause your pet to need an emergency vet. Some of these unpredicted circumstances include:

  • Being hit by a vehicle
  • Eating something poisonous
  • Fighting with other animals
  • Being struck by an object

It is always better to be prepared for an emergency as these situations can occur without warning.

Vet Emergency Hospital Treatments

Animal Health Partners treat a variety of pet emergencies and pride ourselves on being the best vet emergency hospital. When you need an emergency veterinarian don’t hesitate to contact us. Some of the main treatments we cover are:

  • Severe bleeding
  • Unconsciousness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Poison
  • Ingestion of foreign substances
  • Unable to pass urine
  • Eye injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Seizures

We provide exceptional service to ensure you, as the owner, feel relaxed and worry-free while we care for your pet. We are well prepared for any pet emergency with the latest technology and equipment alongside exceptionally trained staff, your pet will be in great hands.

Needing an Emergency Vet

You never know when you may need to access emergency veterinarian services so it is best to be prepared and find a vet near you before an emergency situation arises. There are some circumstances where dogs or cats could show symptoms that disappear within a matter of minutes. If there is any uncertainty as to whether you to seek an emergency vet, contact your veterinarian to establish the nature of the symptoms.

If there comes a point when you need emergency care for your pet then you should know how to handle the situation. There are many different steps that you can take to ensure your pet emergency is handled in the most efficient and effective way.

  • Stay Calm

Even though it can be a very stressful situation, try not to let that stress cloud your judgment as your actions could have severe consequences.

  • Make an Emergency Plan

You should have a plan on what to do in a pet emergency. The best thing to do is have the emergency contact numbers in an accessible location with a list of directions and first aid instructions.

  • Learn Basic Pet First Aid

This can help you in some circumstances such as blood loss. If your pet is losing blood, you should have the basic knowledge on how to apply first aid.

  • Contact Your Emergency Veterinarian

If a pet emergency has occurred then you should contact your veterinarian immediately. This is to ensure that they are prepared and to seek advice on what to do in the meantime.

Regardless of the situation, having a plan in place can be the difference between life and death. You don’t have to be an expert on animals to be prepared for the unlikely event of a pet emergency.

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