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Please join  us on Tuesday July 21 at 8:00 PM and welcome Dr. Jefferey Biskup to AHP’s Surgery Team. Dr. Biskup will be joining our Head of Surgery, Dr. Debbie Reynolds, together with Dr. Lea Mehrkens mid-August.

To Register the the Webinar, please click here.

Dr. Biskup’s webinar will be an opportunity to learn, discuss and enquire about common and uncommon orthopedic cases.

The event will be presented as an interactive virtual conference. 

You can submit questions in advance to Dr. Biskup prior to Tuesday, July 21 by email at:

Please see material from our prior presentations:

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Welcome to your Veterinary Area, where you can see our current available openings, view continuing education opportunities and provide Veterinarian Referrals in Toronto.

Rodan Animal Health Partners


We are seeking highly motivated candidates to join our team of Emergency Care Veterinarians and Board-Certified Veterinary Specialists. If you are interested in being a member of the Animal Health Partners team, please contact

Animal Health Partners


We are committed to driving forward the quality of care in veterinary medicine. We offer regular opportunities for Continuing Education and skills training for local and visiting veterinarians.

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Veterinarians seeking to refer their patients for emergency or specialty care, please enter the Referral Portal.

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