3 Tesla MRI

Animal Health Partners offers Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), an advanced form of diagnostic tool. Having an MRI scan is a non-invasive procedure similar to taking an x-ray, but an MRI relies on a very powerful magnetic field to create an image of soft tissue, then uses a computer to process the resulting information. MRIs are an important tool for diagnoses of certain conditions. This is because abnormal soft tissue displaces normal tissue, resulting in enlarged areas that may only be apparent in MRI images.

General anesthesia is required for MRI, as any movement can impair the results, but the procedure is entirely pain free. MRI scans are often requested for pets that suffer seizures or behavior changes, or have difficulty walking, among other conditions. Ask your veterinarian if MRI is right for your pet.


The top MRI technology in Canada for pets

We use a 3 Tesla MRI, which is the best technology available in veterinary medicine in all of Canada. Compared to 1.5 Tesla MRI or a low-field MRI, our MRI provides images with more clarity in less time. This means a more accurate answer with less need for anesthesia.

Why not use X-rays (radiographs) or CT scans?

Radiographs and CT scans use X-rays to look at the internal structures of the body. X-rays are good for looking at the bones and lungs, but they typically aren’t very effective for evaluating the soft tissues of the brain or spinal cord.

By having a X-ray, CT scanner, and Canada’s most powerful MRI for pets, we can save you money and time by offering the most accurate testing possible.

How is an MRI Performed?

An MRI is completely painless. Using a strong magnet, MRI devices are able to make a more comprehensive picture of the inside of your pet’s body.  Our MRI works faster than less powerful MRIs, so pets do not need as much anesthesia.  This makes the procedure much safer for them as well.

Your pet will lie still on a soft bed with blankets to keep him or her warm during the scan. An Registered Veterinary Technician and MRI Technician are with them throughout the process to ensure safety, and your pet is also monitored closely during their procedure.