rVetLink is the referring veterinarian’s online portal to access patient records.

How do I use rVetLink?
If we have your clinic’s email address, an email is sent at discharge. The email has embedded, secure link will take you directly your patient’s file.  You can see your current patient. In addition, you can look up all your other patients, searchable back the previous 12 calendar months

How do I login if I don’t have the email link?
You were provided a unique user name and default password when your clinic signed up for service. If you don’t know your user name, simply click “User Name Help” on login screen.

What if I don’t know my password?
Simply click “Forgot Password” on the log-in screen.

Can I view the finalized lab work or other documents while my patient is still hospitalized?
As long as your patient is still checked in, finalized reports are not visible. Once your patient checks out and rVetLink updates, you will able to access your patient’s reports.

Will I know when my patient died or was euthanized?
We make every effort to inform you patient’s status in timely manner. The rVetLink database updates every two hours, at which time change in patient status is checked. If your patient is deceased, notification is sent based on your preferences.

Can I control what documents get faxed/emailed to me and to which email addresses?
Yes, you can control to which email addresses you wish documents be sent, allow or disallow faxes, and what notifications you would like to receive.

I can’t find records for past patient
You might not listed in our operating system as patient’s RDVM. The case, your client can simply call us add your name to pet’s file. Please note, patient records are available 6 months retroactively from current date via the rVetLink portal.


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